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Sewing Hints and Tips

Using Your Buttons
With all the rage for fabric bags and re-fashioned shopping bags, why not add 4 sturdy buttons to the bottom of the bags to keep them off the ground and keep them looking nice for a lot longer!


Bead the back of the button
When a jacket is made to be worn open, so you will see the facing and the stitches securing the button, why not pretty up the sight by attaching a matching or contrasting bead on the back of the button-stitches. Sew your buttons in place as normal, but on the last two passes of the needle, attach a small bead over the stitches on the inside of the jacket.This is a cheap and simple way to add that ‘couture’ look to your garments.


Economizing your stabilizer
To economise on Wet N Gone, cut a sheet of Stitch N Wash [or some other less expensive stabilizer] big enough to fit whichever size hoop you plan to use. [I stitched a ‘basting frame’ design the size of my embroiderable area as a guide.]Cut a ‘window’ in that sheet large enough for your design (or lace motif) but a little smaller than your ‘basting frame’ and lay a piece of Wet N Gone over the Window. Then tack this piece in place & Voila! Ready to sew, using half the quantity of Wet N Gone! The Window Frame can be re-used.