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Janome Air Threading AT2000D


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The Janome AT2000D Air Threading Overlocker is one of the most exciting developments that Janome home sewing machines have seen in years! Finally, the easy-to-thread air threading mechanism previously most often seen on premium overlockers, is available to the everyday sewing enthusiast at an affordable price! "Air threading what now?" we hear you think...imagine that instead of having to loop and catch your thread through the hooks and loopers of your overlocker, you simply popped the end of your thread into a little tube, and then just pumped a lever! That's it.

That's all you need to do to thread your AT2000D. And there's no other fussiness about threading including being able to thread in any order. Of course, Janome has always made quality overlockers, and is a trusted brand in the market, and as they release the AT2000D to the Australian market, they have also included other impressive features including wider feed dogs, simple-to-adjust foot pressure, and easy to access setting.

"Air Threading...AIR THREADING! Under $ 1700!"

Other features you'll like:

• built-in needle threader so these are easy to thread too!
• white LED lighting
• variable cutting width
• differential feed

From Janome's Website:

At a glance...

  • Overlocker with air threading for both loopers
  • Sewing speed 1,300 SPM
  • 4, 3, 2 Thread
  • Wide 8 piece feed dog system for thicker fabrics
  • Weight 8Kg

The JANOME AirThread 2000D Professional unites ease-of-use with the specialised function of an advanced overlocker. It's our easiest to thread overlocker ever! Just push the lever and the air will blow the threads through the loopers. There's no need to fear overlockers anymore. With the new Janome AirThread overlocker everything is easy!

Threading system

The new thread delivery system with lever ratchet mechanism makes stable air threading. Simply insert the thread into the looper threading hole, follow the easy steps and the air will blow the thread through the looper in this one push blast air threading system.

Built-in needle threader

It's easy to thread the needles and will save you time too. By simply sliding the needle threader switch lever to R for threading the right needle or L for the left needle you'll be ready to go in no time.

Easy access

No need to open the side cover the dials are all in one place! Easily adjust the cutting width to ensure stitches sit correctly on the edge of the fabric, even on curves whether the fabric is bulky or fine. The upper knife can be easily deactivated for decorative flatlock and pintucking etc.

Integrated dial

The cleverly integrated stitch length and differential feed dials can be easily adjusted to the perfect setting for your fabric whether sewing stretch or lightweight fabrics. Experiment to create gathers or decorative lettuce leaf edgings.

Adjustable foot pressure dial

Simply dial 'N' for normal sewing. There are five-levels of presser foot adjustment to help feed heavy and lightweight fabric s.

Lower looper pre-tension setting

It's easy to adjust the lower looper tension with this conveniently placed slider. When operated with the easily accessible chaining finger switch you can change from standard to rolled hemming in no time. There's no need to open the looper cover!

Looper selection lever

Simply position your thread and direct the looper se lection   lever to the looper you wish to thread: to the right for 'threading' the lower looper and to the left for threading the upper looper.

New Standard foot

The new standard foot has a smooth flat finish to the base with purpose-built indentations. This will help support sewing on thick fabrics and multiple layers, as well as uneven surfaces, and help prevent needle damage or skipped stitches. Together with the 8 piece feed dog you can achieve amazing results, even on the lightest weight fabrics.

Wide workspace

Keep your work flat to achieve the best finish. The large flat work area on this machine is perfect for larger projects and the large waste chip box will collect all of the loose threads to help keep your workspace tidy.

Stable running

This is a reliable and robust overlocker. The main shaft is equipped with two ball bearings which provide low torque, making it powerful and stable running even at high speeds.


Machine size (mm)

W374 x H280 x D284 (Incl. hand wheel)

Machine weight (kg)


Bed type


Number al spool pins


Carrying handle

Integrated with rear cover

Maximum speed (spm)


Type of needle(s)

Standard ballpoint OrganHAxl-SP#11/14

Number of needles

l /2-needle

Number of threads


Length of feed (mm)

l. 0 - 5.0

Standard stitch length (mm)


Differential feed ratio


Feed dog

8 pcs

Upper knife opening amount


Cutting width

5.5-7.5 using left needle 3.3-5.3 using right needle

Presser foot pressure adjustment

Dial (5 levels)

Presser foot change


Presser foot height (mm)


Thread tension adjustment




Needle threader


Upper looper threader

One push blast air threading system

Lower looper threader

One push blast air threading system


White LED

Safety switch

Looper cover/ Side cover/Presser foot lift

Built-in spreader


Foot control

Triac (No heat)

Instructional DVD


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